EastEnders Fans Furious Over Schedule Change for Christmas Episode


Outrage Over Late Timeslot

EastEnders fans are expressing their anger after a recent schedule shake-up has resulted in the show's highly-anticipated Christmas episode being moved to a later timeslot. Instead of airing at its usual time, the explosive murder mystery episode will now be screened on BBC One at 9.45pm on Christmas Day.

Disappointment Among Dedicated Viewers

The decision to air the hour-long special so late in the evening has not gone down well with even the most devoted EastEnders fans. Many took to social media to vent their frustration, with one fan stating, "9.45pm is just ridiculous. Most people will have given up for the day by that time. They need to make room in the schedule and put EastEnders on earlier."

Another fan expressed their disappointment, saying, "Possibly the biggest EastEnders Christmas in over a decade and the BBC shift it to almost 10pm?? Awful schedule all round to be honest."

Murder Mystery Spoilers

In the midst of the anticipation for the Christmas episode, the soap has officially ruled out two characters as potential victims of the gruesome murder. Spoilers for the show have revealed that Felix Baker and Denzel Danes will both feature in the New Year episode, indicating their safety.

While speculation has been rampant throughout the year about who could meet their demise, these characters, who have little interaction with the main cast, were seen as less likely candidates.

Denzel has been involved in various storylines, including his relationship with Amy Mitchell, but with those resolved, it seemed unlikely that he would be the victim. Similarly, Felix has remained a background character, offering support to friends in times of need.