I’m A Celebrity fans claim they know why Fred Sirieix was axed


Real reason revealed?

Viewers of I’m A Celebrity have speculated about the true reason why Fred Sirieix was voted off the show, with some suggesting that key scenes involving the star were edited out by ITV.

Explosive rows and clashes

Fred Sirieix, known for his appearances on First Dates, clashed with several of his campmates during his time on the show. He had heated arguments with Nigel Farage, Nella, Josie Gibson, and Sam Thompson, and his behavior was criticized by viewers who accused him of bullying.

Unaired scenes

Many fans believe that there were additional confrontations between Fred and Sam Thompson that were not shown on TV. They point to comments made by Fred, such as “playing with your toys,” as evidence of unaired clashes.

Changing opinions

Although Fred was initially popular among viewers, opinion started to shift as his behavior became more controversial. Some fans declared that he had one of the biggest downfalls in the history of I’m A Celebrity, and he was ultimately voted off the show.

Accusations of bullying

As Fred’s actions continued to provoke criticism, viewers began to accuse him of being a camp bully. Many expressed disappointment in his behavior and called for him to stop targeting his fellow contestants.

Fred’s reaction

Some fans believe that Fred was upset about being voted off the show early and suggest that there were signs of his frustration.