EastEnders’ Ian Beale SURVIVES Sharon’s poisoning and flees Walford for good


EASTENDERS’ Ian Beale has survived Sharon Watts’ murder attempt – and fled Walford.

The businessman – who is played by actor Adam Woodyatt in the BBC soap – rumbled Sharon’s plan and confronted her about what she was doing.

Ian Beale left Walford tonight

He tried to make her eat some of it, telling her: “Take a bite. Take a bite. Go on, what’s the harm? Eat it. Eat it.”

As Sharon put the pasta to her mouth, she threw it away leaving Ian asking: “So it is true – why? Do you want me to call the police, do you want Albie taken into care?”

Sharon forced him to admit to killing Dennis, and then played him Dennis’ final message that he left her.

Sharon tried to poison him

He was forced to flee Walford

“You killed my son,” she said slapping him.

“It was a mistake, it was a stupid mistake,” sobbed Ian. 

“You won’t understand. I didn’t drown him. Yes, I locked him in the room, it was before everything happened – he was out of control. I didn’t know the boat was going to sink. 

“I swear to you, I tried to save him. I went back I got him out of the room and we were going down this corridor and it was filling with water. We were up to our necks and it was nearly up to the ceiling, then there was this wave it just came rushing in.”

He was seen getting the Tube

He added: “I had hold of him, and then he was gone. It was dark, I couldn’t find him. 

“Sharon I tried, I tried to save him. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I wanted to tell you.”

Sharon raged at him: “I’ve waited all these months, taken my time and this is what you’ve done to me. Just look at you – you’re pathetic. The runt of the litter. 15 now just the same. 

“When you were attacked, there were so many to accuse, who else could say that? Everyone hates your guts – even your own kids. 

“And why? Because you’re mean, selfish, small-minded and a coward. My beautiful boy at the bottom of a river and a thing like you alive, it ain’t right. You don’t deserve to live.”

Ian then agreed he didn’t deserve to live and then began eating the poisoned pasta, leaving Sharon conflicted.

As he tucked in, she told him he could die alone and stormed out in floods of tears.

Viewers were split by Adam’s final scenes

But realising what she had done, she raced back upstairs and forced him to make himself sick before leaving him and walking out.

He begged her to stay, insisting they could make it work but she handed over the ring and went to tell Phil to do it himself.

But when Phil got to the Vic, there was no sign of Ian.

Viewers then saw him hobble his way to the tube station, dump his phone and say goodbye to Walford.

One wrote: “I’m disappointed Sharon didn’t finish Ian off, her taking of her wedding ring and saying “goodbye Ian” was a bit of a anticlimax.”

A second said: “Adam was incredible tonight. As much as we love to hate him you can’t deny Ian Beale is legend.”

Another added: “It was good, but its so predictable, seem like a waste of time hyping up about Ian dying only for him to walk out.”

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