EastEnders: The Six’s Secret Plan to Take Down Dean Wicks


The Plot Unfolds

This week on EastEnders, Stacey Slater hatches a plan to frame Dean Wicks for Keanu Taylor's death, with the help of the Six.

A Revengeful Scheme

Dean Wicks, known for wronging many women on the Square, could face the consequences for a crime he didn't commit as Stacey and the Six plot against him.

The Deceptive Move

Stacey pretends to make peace with Dean before planting false evidence against him, setting the stage for a dramatic turn of events.

Will the Plan Succeed?

As tensions rise and the Six meet to solidify their scheme, viewers are left wondering if they can maintain the lie and see Dean go down for a crime he didn't do.

Fans' Reactions

EastEnders enthusiasts took to social media to express their excitement over the Six's plan to take down Dean, showcasing their support for the unexpected turn of events.

Don't miss the upcoming episodes to see if the Six's plan to frame Dean Wicks comes to fruition on EastEnders, airing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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