EastEnders viewers fear for Jay Brown after worrying ‘clue’ following Lola Pearce’s tragic death


EASTENDERS fans think Jay Brown’s fate is sealed after noticing a hugely worrying clue during Lola Pearce’s tragic death episode.

BBC viewers were left in tears following the heartbreaking episode but some viewers think that Jay will face a long and difficult road ahead of him as he deals with his grief.

Fans think Jay will break down following Lola’s death

She tragically passed in a heartbreaking episode

Show boss Chris Clenshaw previously teased that some characters “won’t be the same again” following Lola’s death.

Now, one fan thinks that last night’s show predicted that it will be Jay, played by Jamie Borthwick, who won’t cope well.

Writing on Twitter, one fan said: “All the tiny little signs of Jay’s impending insanity in this episode (mainly taking the batteries out of the ticking clock & talking to himself in the mirror) are f***ing great foreshadowing.

“His aftermath is gonna be another level.”

Teasing the aftermath of Lola’s (Danielle Harold) death last week, EastEnders head honcho said:

“They all pull together and are there for each other in the immediate future, but that won’t last forever.

“Jay will find friendship with another key person. Lexi, she has three dads now!”

“I don’t think any of them will be. Billy, Jay, Lexi, Ben, Honey, it’ll obviously have devastating consequences for the family.

“Lola has been in this position where she’s become aware of what’s ahead, so she’s given some certain requests to the family.

“She’s asked Jay to make sure that he always talks to Lexi about her, she’s put things in place for the immediate future.

“But that may not last forever. It’ll be a difficult process and obviously it’s a sad ending for Lola, she won’t be there for the rest of her family.”

Fans have watched for months as Lola battled against the illness but she lost her fight during the latest episode of the BBC soap.

In the tear-jerking scene, the sun streamed through her room as Jay said to her: “Look, the sun’s come up for you.”

As Lexi slept next to her, Jay’s face dropped as he realised that Lola had peacefully died. 

He held her hand as he broke down into tears as Lexi woke up. 

He said: “I said I wouldn’t leave you, I’m so sorry.”

Lexi hugged her mum as they remained by her.

Watching the episode last night, BBC viewers were left in tears.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “I’m in floods of tears watching this.”

Another wrote: “Crying my eyes out, Lola you will be so missed.”

A third penned: “When I tell you I’m BAWLING… Give Danielle Harold and Jamie Borthwick all the awards.”

Danielle Harold starred as Lola on the show