EastEnders villain returns as Freddie Slater forced to deal with rapist dad


Freddie confronts Graham Foster and sparks fly

It has been a summer of shocking revelations for Freddie Slater on EastEnders. The young lad, played by Bobby Brazier, discovered the truth about his parentage and now he comes face-to-face with his rapist father, Graham Foster. But how will this confrontation unfold?

Freddie's search for his father takes an unexpected turn

In his quest to find his biological father, Freddie initially believed Billy Mitchell to be the man he was looking for. However, after several months of searching, he eventually learns the horrifying truth. Graham Foster, the man responsible for his birth, is revealed to be his father.

A chilling encounter with Graham Foster

In a shocking scene aired on BBC One this summer, Freddie discovers that his mother, Little Mo, was raped by Graham Foster. Devastated by this revelation, Freddie cuts ties with Graham. But soon, Freddie receives a friend request from his father online, leading him to confront the man who committed such a heinous act.

A tense showdown between father and son

Accompanied by his friend Anna Knight, Freddie demands an admission of guilt from Graham. However, Graham insists that Little Mo is lying and threatens to involve the police if Freddie doesn't leave. Will this confrontation escalate into something more dangerous?

Freddie's emotional turmoil

After this harrowing encounter with his father, Freddie is left reeling. He can't believe how cold and remorseless Graham is. Despite Anna's attempts to reassure him, Freddie is haunted by the fear that he shares DNA with a monster like Graham.

Strained relationships and personal struggles

Amidst all this turmoil, Freddie's personal life becomes more complicated. He tries to mend his strained friendship with Bobby Beale but fails. His altercation at The Vic and a heated argument with Stacey Slater worsen his already troubled state of mind.

Anna tries to bridge the gap

As tensions rise, Anna steps up to help Freddie. She reaches out to Bobby, explaining the reasons behind Freddie's behavior and the confrontation with Graham. Bobby is shocked by this revelation and joins Anna in their search for Freddie, who they fear may do something reckless while under the influence.

Will Freddie get the support he needs?

The question remains whether Freddie's friends will be able to help him through this difficult time. As he spirals further into darkness, their support will be crucial.

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