Emmerdale fans disgusted with David Metcalfe after toddler Theo suffers horror injury

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EMMERDALE viewers are disgusted with David Metcalfe after he left two toddlers alone to get injured.

The shopkeeper – who is played by actor Matthew Wolfenden in the ITV soap – has been leaving enraged for weeks with his selfish behaviour.

David left Harry to fend for himself

In tonight’s episode he went too far when he ignored his own toddler son and step son, opting to leave them alone while he opened the shop.

Simply leaving the baby monitor on while he worked, David ignored the two boys, preferring to sell milk instead of looking after them.

But as Wendy walked in and struck up conversation, Theo wandered into the shop.

“Oh mate, I told you to stay put,” David said.

“I’ll come through in a bit.”

A horrified Wendy asked: “You left him on his own?”

But as David tried to insist it was all fine because he was with toddler stepbrother Harry, they were interrupted by a scream and a crash.

Rushing into the back they found Theo injured having fallen and hit his head.

Wendy rushed to her grandson and said: “Harry sweetheart, are you OK? Let Nanna take a look. 

“He’s got a bump. Harry, how are you feeling sweetheart? Do you feel sick?”

But as she realised how serious it was, she turned to David furiously demanding answers: “David what were you doing leaving them on their own? 

“Look you need to get him to hospital now. You need to focus on Harry and make sure he’s alright. I’ll let Victoria know what’s happened.”

Wendy told Victoria and she rushed to the hospital, jumping a red light on the way – but unfortunately she was stopped by police.

Quickly accepting six points on her licence and a fine, Victoria got to the hospital to find Harry being taken for a CT scan.

And she has no idea David has framed her for his own driving points, meaning she faces losing her licence because of him.

Viewers are disgusted with David for leaving Harry and Theo alone to get injured.

One wrote: “You never leave kids David #Emmerdale.”

A second said: “Golden rule: Never ask David to babysit #Emmerdale.”

Another added: “Why would you leave two young kids alone anyways? Dim David gets more and more worse, ughhh #Emmerdale.”

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