Emmerdale Fans Furious as Mackenzie Makes Heartbreaking Decision about Chloe and Charity


Flip-Flopping Drama

Emmerdale fans are expressing their anger after Mackenzie Boyd made a major decision regarding Chloe Harris and Charity Dingle in emotional scenes. The character has been going back and forth between the two women for months, but ultimately chose to be with his estranged wife, Charity.

Unexpected Surprise

Mackenzie had planned to break the news to Chloe during the festive period, but he changed his mind and told Charity that he couldn't bear to sneak around for weeks. He intended to tell Chloe the next day, but she surprised him with some news of her own.

Heart-Sinking Surprise

Chloe had decorated the house with Christmas decorations early and their son, Reuben, sat in a high chair wearing reindeer antlers. Mackenzie's heart sank as he realized Chloe's excitement about their first Christmas together. Unable to bear it any longer, he asked her to stop.

Heartbreaking Revelation

Apologizing for his sharpness, Mackenzie told Chloe that he couldn't spend Christmas with her and that he couldn't spend any more time with her. Chloe questioned if the reason was Charity, but Mackenzie simply apologized and confirmed that he wanted to end their relationship.

Twitter Backlash

Viewers of Emmerdale took to Twitter to express their frustration with Mackenzie's actions. Many called him names and expressed sympathy for Chloe, saying she deserved better.

Emmerdale airs on ITV1 and is available on ITVX.

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