Emmerdale fans heartbroken as Cathy Hope’s diagnosis is revealed


EMMERDALE fans are heartbroken as Cathy Hope’s diagnosis is revealed.

The teenager has been spiralling out of control for months culminating with her almost dying during a manic episode last week.

Cathy Hope overheard a discussion about her condition

Bob tried to reassure his daughter on Monday’s night’s trip to Emmerdale

In tonight’s episode Wendy and Manpreet put their heads together to work out what was wrong – and the GP thinks she’s found it.

“We think it might be a condition known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder,” explained Manpreet as Bob wittered on about vibes.

“It’s a cyclic hormone based mood disorder. Her periods are not a symptom of this condition. 

“Symptoms and severity can vary between patients – a treatment that works for one patient may not necessarily work for another. 

“We need a specialist diagnosis first but I can make a referral today and get things started. 

“If this is what it is then there are options we can explore but the thing is Bob, there is no miracle cure. Some women have been known to suffer with this right up until the menopause.”

Bob decided he didn’t want to tell Cathy just yet but she had overheard – and ran off.

Later when Bob found her Cathy opened up about her fears.

“What if they can’t treat me? What if I’m one of the women who will always suffer? I’m scared dad.”

Viewers were heartbroken for her – though many questioned why the adults didn’t talk directly with her about it.

One wrote: “Why the heck don’t they talk with Cathy. She’s the one suffering, not Bob.”

A second said: “Manpreet should be doscussing it with cathy present and not behind her back.”