Emmerdale fans speculate on shocking double exit following Jacob Gallagher’s horrifying allergic reaction


Jacob's health crisis leads to workplace drama

In a recent episode of Emmerdale, viewers were left shocked as Jacob Gallagher, portrayed by Joe Warren-Plant, experienced a severe allergic reaction after being mistakenly given a nut-filled slider at a tasting event. As his Auto Adrenaline Injector failed, panic ensued before Jacob was able to indicate that he had another one in his car. Victoria Sugden, in a state of distress, administered the shot and Jacob was rushed to the hospital. The incident resulted in Leyla Harding accusing Victoria of nearly killing her son.

Trouble at work for Victoria

In the upcoming episodes, Victoria confesses her mistake to Gabby Thomas, which leads to her losing potential buyers at the HOP. Despite this setback, Leyla is infuriated to find Victoria still working, prompting her to confront Gabby. Ultimately, Gabby fires Victoria, leaving her distraught and uncertain about her future.

Is this the end of Victoria in the village?

Fans of Emmerdale have started speculating that this turn of events may lead to Victoria leaving the village, possibly accompanied by her ex, Jacob's father, David Metcalfe. Actor Matthew Wolfenden recently announced his departure from the show after a 17-year run, and with David and Victoria growing closer once again, viewers believe this may result in a double exit.

One fan wrote on social media, "Could this be Vicky's exit story? #Emmerdale". Another simply stated, "#Emmerdale Bye Victoria".

Matthew Wolfenden hints at David's departure

During an interview on This Morning, Matthew Wolfenden hinted at David's upcoming exit, saying, "There is a resolution of sorts… I can't give too much away. Victoria is the reason why he leaves the village… put it that way! He leaves because of Victoria in a way, I can't give too much away!"

Emmerdale airs on ITV1 and is available on ITVX. Watch to see how the story unfolds.