Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn Taylor sleeps with Ellis Chapman to break Billy’s heart – and lies about a months long affair


DAWN Taylor sleeps with Ellis Chapman next week in Emmerdale in order to break Billy Fletcher’s heart. 

The killer will even go as far as pretending she and Ellis have been having an affair for months to put Billy off her. 

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Dawn sleeps with Ellis to put Billy off her for good

Viewers know that Dawn is trying to protect Billy – who she still loves – from finding out the truth after she murdered DI Malone. 

Dawn ended up killing the dodgy detective in self defence after he tried to force her to overdose on heroin. 

But Billy will complicate the situation this week when he realises that there must be a big secret reason they can’t be together and starts fishing around. 

Dawn lies that she’s been having an affair with Ellis

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Dawn take drastic measures to keep her killer secret and sleep with her ex Ellis. 

When her dad Will challenges her, he’s disgusted when she admits she did it on purpose to put Billy off. 

Dawn insists it was the right thing to do and that she had to stop Billy finding out that she murdered Malone. 

Meanwhile, Marlon and Billy tease Ellis about where he vanished to the other night. 

Dawn packs a bag and prepares to leave

But they’re lost for words when Dawn arrives and reveals she and Ellis spent the night together. 

Later alone, Dawn sinks to the floor and despairs over the fact she has now lost the love of her life for good. 

Later in the week, Billy refuses to accept Ellis’ apology, but their conversation is interrupted when Dawn appears and lies that she and Ellis have been having an affair for ages. 

Later, after quitting her job, viewers will see Dawn leaving Woodbine Cottage with a rucksack on. 

Will Billy get to the bottom of what’s happening before he loses Dawn forever?