Hollyoaks fans ‘crushed and devastated’ as they face two months with no new episodes after summer finale


HOLLYOAKS fans are left ‘crushed and devastated’ as they will now endure two months will no new episodes.

Tonight’s summer finale aired and fans will now have to wait patiently to get next fix of the serial drama.

Hollyoaks will return with new episodes in autumn

The soap certainly left viewers on the edge of their seats as a furious Walter vowed to put a stop to his grandson Mitchell and Scott’s wedding.

Felix has landed himself in a sticky situation as he began a fling with Lisa, but is also now back with childhood sweetheart Martine, but lied to her that he ended things with Lisa.

There was a renewed sense vigour in Brody after decorating the flat with Liberty and Sienna helped him to stop thinking about his childhood abuser Buster.

A trailer showcased what to expect for the soap’s Autumn return.

When the soap resumes it looks like Scott and Mitchell’s big wedding will go ahead but Felix could be heading for disaster.

It looks like Scott and Mitchell’s wedding will go ahead

The Channel 4 soap returned to filming last week but will run out of fully completed episodes this evening.

It will air tonight on E4 at 7pm before being repeated at 6.30pm on Tuesday on Channel 4.

After the Channel 4 broadcast the soap will reveal a special trailer that will be packed for the return in September.

The soap will take a two month break to catch up on filming and production before diving headlong into the run-up to the show’s 25th anniversary spectacular.

But not without drama

Fans were devastated that they have to wait so long for their next Hollyoaks fix.

One fan tweeted: “No #Hollyoaks until autumn?????!!!!!!!?!!?”

A second viewer wrote: “What a cliffhanger can’t believe I have to wait until September for the next episode.”

While another user said: “No #hollyoaks for ages.”


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