Is Tim Metcalfe going to turn against Geoff? The Corrie star has spoken out


CORONATION Street star Joe Duttine has teased that Tim Metcalfe is close to turning against his dad Geoff. 

Tim’s doubts come as newcomer Elaine Jones tries to expose her ex Geoff for the monster he really is. But will Tim actually turn against his dad? Here’s everything you need to know…

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Joe Duttine has teased that Tim is ‘getting closer’ to turning against Geoff

Is Tim going to turn against Geoff in Coronation Street?

Joe Duttine – who plays Tim – has teased that his character is getting closer to turning against his dad Geoff as Yasmeen’s trial looms. 

Speaking to Inside Soap, the actor said: “Remember that Tim isn’t aware of what the rest of the nation knows about Geoff.

“Tim only reacts to the interactions he has with his dad, and he doesn’t want to believe that he could do anything wrong. Some families have to close ranks and protect their own, which is what Tim is doing. But I think Tim is starting to feel as if something isn’t quite right.”

The actor added: “Tim will see cracks in the picture he has of Geoff.”

“It’s a slow burn, and Tim’s remaining loyal to his dad until the stage he can no longer do so. We may be getting closer to that stage.”

But with Corrie keeping exact plot details hidden, fans will have to tune in to find out whose side Tim decides to take.

Tim’s wife Sally has turned against Geoff and kicked him out

Why has Tim stuck by Geoff’s side in Corrie?

With Sally, Alya and Eileen having turned against Geoff, fans are baffled as to how Tim hasn’t put two and two together and realised his dad is an abuser – especially now that Yasmeen has pleaded not guilty to his attempted murder.

One baffled viewer tweeted: “How has Tim not seen Geoff speaks a load of rubbish?”

Another added: “Dim Tim still believes his dad’s lies.”

A third tweeted: “Geoff is manipulating Tim & Sally against each other ! #corrie.”

But some viewers on Twitter pointed out that Tim has been manipulated all his life by Geoff and that, with Geoff having abused his mum, he’s learnt to turn a blind eye to his abuse despite knowing that something isn’t right.

One fan tweeted: “Geoff did this sh*t to Tim’s mum, I’m convinced. That’s how Tim is so good at ignoring it. ‘Put your headphones in’ he said to Faye. He probably did the back in the day equivalent when he was a kid and that fool was on one #Corrie.”

The residents of Weatherfield are turning against Geoff one by one

What evidence of Geoff’s abuse has Tim witnessed?

Viewers know that Tim witnessed a string of suspicious events ahead of Yasmeen’s arrest that should have alerted him to Geoff’s abuse.

Fans will remember that Tim found Yasmeen locked in Geoff’s magic box when he popped round to the house and heard her crying out, but seemed to believe Geoff when he said it had been an accident.

He also walked in on Geoff deleting footage from his laptop of his final argument with Yasmeen – and didn’t say a word.

Fans will remember that Geoff also dropped himself in it by admitting to Sally and Tim that he’d slept with prostitutes ahead of Yasmeen’s arrest. 

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