Masked Singer Fans Convinced Air Fryer is EastEnders Legend


Clues Point to Soap Star

Fans of ITV's popular show, the Masked Singer, are buzzing with excitement as they try to uncover the celebrity behind the Air Fryer mask. Based on some telling clues, viewers are convinced that Air Fryer is an EastEnders legend.

The Actress in Question

One name that keeps popping up among fans is Tameka Empson, known for her role as Kim Fox in EastEnders. Social media has been abuzz with speculation, with fans pointing out the connection between the character and the actress.

Ready for Something New?

While Tameka Empson is still a part of the EastEnders cast, she recently revealed on The One Show that she's ready for something new. Could her departure from the show be linked to her appearance on the Masked Singer as Air Fryer?

Other Theories

Some fans have put forward alternative theories, suggesting that Air Fryer could be British pop star Jessie J or actress Keala Settle. The speculation continues to grow as viewers eagerly await the unveiling of Air Fryer's true identity.


As the Masked Singer fans eagerly await the big reveal, the mystery behind Air Fryer's true identity continues to captivate audiences. Will it be Tameka Empson, Jessie J, or someone else entirely? Only time will tell.