Newcomer Ella Sets Her Sights on a Man in Emmerdale


Ella Finds Her Mark in the Dales

Ella Forster, the newest addition to Emmerdale, quickly made herself at home in the village GP surgery. But it seems she has her eyes set on more than just her new job.

Love in the Air?

Next week, Ella sets her sights on a single man in the Dales, and it's causing quite a stir. Wendy Posner, who can't help but notice a spark between them, may not be too happy about it.

A New Arrival in Emmerdale

Former Coronation Street star Paula Lane joined the cast of Emmerdale earlier this year as newcomer Ella Forster. She quickly became friends with Mandy Dingle upon her arrival.

A New Job, A New Opportunity

After being let go from her previous job, Ella found herself working at the local GP surgery thanks to a generous offer from Manpreet Sharma. She has since become a part of the staff.

A Surprising Twist

As Ella settles into her new role at the surgery, she starts to make her mark in the village. But things take an unexpected turn when Wendy Posner notices a connection between Ella and Dr. Liam Cavanagh.

Dr. Liam's Complicated Love Life

Dr. Liam Cavanagh has been single since his marriage with Leyla Harding ended. He had a brief affair with nurse Wendy, which eventually came to an end. He then had a short-lived romance with Chas Dingle before she left the village.

Wendy's Jealousy

Wendy, who is in a committed relationship with Bob, may not take well to seeing Liam move on with Ella. Especially since she is still dealing with the aftermath of her son's death and the revelation of who was responsible.

Will Love Blossom?

Will Ella and Liam give their budding romance a chance? Emmerdale fans will have to tune in to find out. The show airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV.