Rare Coins Buried in Year of Battle of Hastings Found in Essex Field Set to Sell for Eye-Watering Amount at Auction


Coins from 1066 to be Sold for £180,000

Rare coins believed to have been buried in 1066, the year of the Battle of Hastings, are expected to fetch a staggering £180,000 at auction. The hoard, consisting of 122 Anglo-Saxon pennies, was discovered in an Essex field by two metal detectorists in 2019 and 2020.

A Glimpse into History

The 122 Anglo-Saxon pennies were worth 12 shillings 950 years ago, providing a fascinating insight into the currency of the time. Remarkably, one silver coin was found just 4 inches below the surface, adding to the intrigue surrounding this discovery.

A Hint of Mystery

Auctioneer Bradley Hopper speculates that the owner of the coins may have perished in battle. He explains, "Twelve shillings was a significant amount, and the fact that the hoard was not retrieved suggests that some unfortunate event may have prevented it. While we can't say for certain that the owner died at Hastings, it certainly presents an intriguing possibility."

Split Between Museums and Auction

Out of the 144 coins in the hoard, 16 were purchased by museums near Braintree. The remaining 122 coins, including a Harold II penny, will be auctioned in London next week. The profits from the auction will be shared between the finders and the owner of the field.

With their historical significance and the mysterious circumstances surrounding their burial, these rare coins are sure to captivate collectors and history enthusiasts alike. The auction presents a unique opportunity to own a piece of history and unlock the secrets of the past.

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