Seven massive Coronation Street spoilers: cheating scandal, hen do horror and villain makes new victim

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ADAM Barlow has been hoping that joining forces with Damon Hay could boost business at his legal firm.

But there’s a twist ahead for him and his marriage. Meanwhile, one major Coronation Street villain focuses his attention on a new target.

Damon Hay is back in the cobbles

He’s stirring up trouble in the Bistro

But Sarah Platt also takes an interest in him

1. Sarah cheats on Adam

Adam (portrayed by Sam Robertson) decided to join forces with returning character Damon (Ciarán Griffiths) after the criminal was arrested, despite Dee-Dee Bailey’s reluctance.

Unfortunately or him, Adam gets on Nick Tilsley’s bad side as a result of his decision after the restaurateur played by Ben Price finds Damon sitting at his desk.

The Bistro co-owner learns that Adam will be acting on Damon’s behalf and tensions begin to arise.

Soon enough, Nick’s half-sister Sarah (Tina O’Brien) rows with Adam and announces that she’s off to the hotel he booked for their date night on her own.

She finds herself in the hotel bar, parking herself up next to a mysterious stranger.

The man chats her up as she admits she’s had a massive row with her husband.

Tipsy, Sarah invites him up to her room for a drink – unaware she’s been chatting to Damon Hay this entire time.

Will she find out who he really is before it’s too late?

Carla is vulnerable

2. Carla loses everything

Carla Connor’s mental health has become a cause for concern in the cobbles, particularly after she crashed a van into Paul Foreman.

Since then, everything appears to be on the decline for Carla (played by Alison King) and she’s been left to get some well-needed rest from her daily hassles.

Meanwhile, her husband Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) is trying to make sure she has a business to return to.

But in scenes due to air this week on ITV, he’s stunned to find Stephen Reid (Canadian actor Todd Boyce) in charge.

Peter holds the staff responsible and accuses them of stabbing Carla in the back.

Later on, the Weatherfield cab driver pays Carla a visit with the bombshell and he tells her that the factory workers have voted to put Stephen in charge.

Little does everyone know Stephen is hiding a VERY sinister secret.

Rufus blackmails Stephen

3. Stephen strikes again

Viewers of the Manchester-based drama will remember that Stephen has two murders under his belt and many have suspected that Carla or even Elaine Metcalfe could be his next victim.

But when Stephen gets ready to sign an American contract, a huge opportunity for the Underworld factory he’s been left to take care of, businessman Rufus Donahue (Steven Meo) intervenes.

He demands that Stephen tear up the contract as he wants exclusive rights to Nippersnapper.

Stephen is flabbergasted but is even more horrified when Rufus threatens to expose him for drugging Carla if he doesn’t comply.

Furious, Stephen grabs a hole punch and confronts Rufus.

Could the latter meet the same fate as Teddy Thompkins?

Daisy gets caught up by her past

4. Daisy is terrorised by surprise

Although she managed to get her stalker Justin arrested in recent scenes of the soap, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) isn’t free from her dark past.

The Rovers barmaid is adamant on making sure she can tie the knot with Daniel (Rob Mallard) without any issues but people around her have other plans.

Coming up, she asks her stepmother Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) if she’d give her away at the wedding – and the landlady is over the moon.

Later on, Amy Barlow tries on her bridesmaid’s dress after her mother Tracy successfully convinced Daisy to have her and the teen take part in the ceremony.

However, when Daisy mentions the hen night, Amy (Elle Mulvaney) panics and claims she won’t be able to make it.

Could this be the result of her recent rape by Aaron Sandford?

While that may be the case, Amy’s turmoil remains secret and all the attention is focused on Daisy’s wedding.

Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) even sets her sights on performing at the wedding, belting out songs behind the bar in an attempt to win Daisy round.

But as the stags have a low key do at the Bistro for Daniel, Christina (Amy Robbins) reveals she’s organised a surprise for her daughter Daisy.

Unfortunately, the night doesn’t pan out as intended as two friends from Daisy’s past, Samantha and Ellie, arrive and leave the bride-to-be mortified.

What could Daisy be hiding?

Paul is recovering from a van crash

5. Paul gets shock news

Weeks after Carla Connor drove into him, Paul Foreman is going through a tough recovery from his injuries.

The builder played by Peter Ash gets a massive blow about his health this week.

Paul’s love life is moving forward, particularly when Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) suggests it’s time he moved in with Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank).

Will they agree to give their romance another go?

While this remains to be seen, Paul has more important matters on his plate.

When his twin sister Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) confides in him that the wedding venue is demanding full payment up front for her big day, Paul makes a mysterious call to the bank, unaware that Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) overhears him.

Later on, when Paul reveals that there’s been no improvement on his hand, Dr Gaddas refers him to a neurologist.

But things come to a head when Peter Barlow gets a call from the solicitor for a witness statement and is fuming.

He visits Paul to order him to back off and stop using his wife’s mental health problems for his own financial gain.

Paul assures Peter he’s not trying to cash in on Carla’s vulnerability but the cab driver goes a step further by accusing him of faking his injuries.

Later on, there’s an update on Paul’s recovery as the neurologist tells him that he’ll be sent for further scans – but the problems he’s experiencing are unlikely to have been caused by the accident.

Paul is shocked but he’s even more so when Dee-Dee confirms that if that’s the case, he will never be entitle to compensation from Carla.

What’s in store for him?

Evelyn’s beloved Cerberus gets sick

6. Roy turns killer

Roy’s bond with the sharp-tongued Weatherfield resident is in peril next week, particularly after he missed out on her birthday party.

Coming up, the Roy’s Rolls Café owner (played by David Neilson) apologises to Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) for his absence and tells her all about Carla Connor’s problems.

The pair have a chat in the café and, of course, Evelyn brought Cerberus along with her.

However, in later scenes, Evelyn is concerned when her faithful companion shows no interest in his tea.

Cerberus is still sick when a worried Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) recommends that his grandmother take him to see a vet.

The latter suggests Cerberus is suffering from food poisoning, prompting a guilty Roy to reveal he dropped an Eccles cake in the café and he fears Cerberus may have eaten it.

Angry and mortified for her pup, Evelyn tells Roy that if anything happens to Cerberus, she will never be able to forgive him.

In a devastating twist, Evelyn learns that Cerberus is actually suffering from kidney failure and his time has run out.

Furious after the death of her dog, Evelyn brands Roy’s café a death trap.

Crushed by the news and after losing Evelyn’s friendship, Roy tells his niece Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) that his was all due to him being distracted by his phone.

Roy decides to revert to his technophobic ways and get rid of his phone, feeling that Cerberus may still be alive if he had never focused all his attention on it and dropped the cake as a result.

Will Ryan leave Corrie?

7. Ryan faces a dilemma

Ryan has gone through several rough patches in recent months and narrowly avoided spending time in prison after trying to rob the Bistro – a plan he’d been helped with by Debbie Webster.

But following a string of mishaps, Ryan (played by Ryan Prescott) found love again with his former girlfriend Alya Nazir (Sair Khan).

Unfortunately, couples never remain happy and unbothered for long and the hunk will have to make a difficult decision this week.

It all begins when Ryan persuades Alya to meet him in the Bistro later but Ibiza club promoter Crystal soon calls in, handing him her business card.

Later on, Ryan tells Nick Tilsley all about Crystal and reveals she’s offering him a gig in Ibiza.

The restaurateur advises him to think very carefully about his next move as he essentially needs to figures out which is more important to – Ibiza or Alya.

Could Ryan leave the cobbles and Alya behind?

Tune in to ITV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm to find out.