Major change to popular high street store after outcry from celebs including David Beckham

Nike Tiempo

A MAJOR change is coming to a popular high street store after an outcry from celebrities sparked a movement.

Nike are the latest brand to announce they will no longer be making football boots out of baby kangaroo leather.

Nike are dropping the use of Kangaroo skins by the end of this year

David Beckham ditched the brand back in 2006 when he discovered how the classic Predator boots were made

The gruesome process involves joeys being cut and pulled from their mum’s pouches and beaten to death.

Their skin is then taken to factories and used to make football boots – which sell for upwards of £200.

Nike have now joined Puma who were one of the first companies to put a stop to the horrific way their boots were made.

Last week it was revealed Nike would drop the use of kangaroo skins in all its products by the end of year.

It comes after their partnership with a kangaroo leather supplier ended in 2021.

Pressure is now on Adidas to follow suit.

David Beckham ditched the brand back in 2006 after discovering how the classic Predator boots were made.

At the time, the footie legend was sent a graphic video by animal rights groups.

Film-maker Mick McIntyre made an award-winning doc about kangaroo cruelty.

He previously praised Nike and Puma for making a stand.

He said they’re doing the right thing and are saying “we don’t want to be part of this inhumane slaughter”.

The majority of football boots are now made from synthetic materials.

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