Bobby Brazier to Pay Tribute to Late Mum Jade Goody on Strictly


Bobby Brazier, the star of Strictly Come Dancing, will be performing a heartfelt dance routine in tribute to his late mother, Jade Goody, on tonight's show. The emotional performance will feature the song "This Woman's Work" by Maxwell, a track that holds deep meaning for Bobby. He will be performing the routine with his partner, Dianne Buswell.

An Emotional Week

The past week has been particularly emotional for Bobby and Dianne, as Dianne's father has just started chemotherapy for cancer. Bobby's mother, Jade Goody, passed away in 2009 from cervical cancer when Bobby was just five years old.

A Personal Connection

Bobby spoke about his choice of song, saying, "I've always thought it's the perfect song, the way he sings it, the lyrics are profound and very impactful for me." He highlighted the lyrics, "I should be crying but I just can't let it show," and shared how they resonated with him during a difficult time in his life.

Bobby expressed his anticipation for the performance, saying, "It's a big week, it's our couples' choice. There's going to be a flood (of tears)."

Honoring His Late Mum

Prior to the competition, Bobby expressed his hope to perform a Couple's Choice routine in honor of his late mother. Speaking on It Takes Two, Bobby shared the emotional story behind the upcoming performance. He described the routine as a journey, with Dianne representing a woman, possibly his mother, and the pair conveying a powerful story through dance.

Dianne also opened up about her emotional reaction to the routine, saying, "The first ten seconds, even when we were in the rehearsal room, I couldn't look Bobby in the eyes because it made me well up."

Supporting Her Dad

Dianne has faced her own personal challenges, as her father is battling cancer. She recently shared an update on his progress and expressed her pride in him. Dianne's father has become a fan of Strictly Come Dancing and she believes that her performances are making him proud.

Overall, tonight's performance by Bobby Brazier is expected to be a touching tribute to his late mother and a testament to the power of dance to convey deep emotions.