Meet Ellie Leach: The Rising Star of Strictly Come Dancing


Who is Ellie Leach?

Ellie Leach, born on March 15, 2001, in Bury, Manchester, is an English actress and one of the famous faces starring in the 2023 series of Strictly Come Dancing. She rose to fame for her role on the iconic ITV soap Coronation Street and has been nominated for several British Soap Awards.

From Soap Star to Dancing Queen

Prior to her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, Ellie made a name for herself on Coronation Street, where she played Faye Windass. Her character tackled gritty storylines, including teen pregnancy and early menopause. After 12 years on the soap, Ellie decided to explore other acting opportunities.

Ellie's Journey on Strictly Come Dancing

Ellie Leach has been a standout performer on Strictly Come Dancing, making it to the grand finale alongside her co-stars Layton Williams and Bobby Brazier. As the last woman standing, Ellie is determined to represent the girls and give it her all. Despite having no prior dance experience, she has embraced the challenge and is grateful for the incredible experience.

Off the Dance Floor: Ellie's Personal Life

Ellie is not married and recently went through a breakup with her long-term boyfriend Reagan Pettman. Since her time on Strictly, rumors have circulated about a potential romance with her dance partner Vito. However, Vito explained that their focus is on the competition and building a strong partnership.

As Ellie reflects on her time on Strictly Come Dancing, she is filled with gratitude and excitement for what the future holds. She has captivated audiences with her talent and determination, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with both on and off the dance floor.