Strictly’s Ellie Leach and Vito fuel romance rumours as they get flirty practising passionate Argentine Tango


Strictly Come Dancing contestants Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola have set tongues wagging with their sizzling chemistry on and off the dance floor. The pair, who have been rehearsing the passionate Argentine Tango, have been teasing fans with their flirty interactions. With romance rumours swirling, it seems their connection is undeniable.

A Fiery Tango

In a video posted to his Instagram Story, Vito and Ellie can be seen getting up close and personal while practising the intense routine. Describing the dance as "very intense" and "close," Ellie hints at the passion and chemistry they bring to the dance floor.

A Bond Beyond Friendship

During an appearance on Lorraine, Vito and Ellie's bond was put under the spotlight. When asked about their relationship, Vito sidestepped the question, choosing to focus on the strong connection he has formed with Ellie's entire family. "Your mum does the best gravy, I ate the entire pot!" he playfully told Ellie. However, their undeniable chemistry and close bond have left fans speculating about a potential romance.

Chemistry and Connection

Their chemistry on the dance floor has been evident throughout the series, with their performances receiving high praise from the judges. Body language expert Darren Stanton believes that Ellie and Vito's journey on the show, including the ups and downs they've experienced, has strengthened their connection and resonated with the audience. Stanton notes that Ellie's confidence has grown throughout the competition, thanks in part to her strong relationship with Vito.

As the competition heats up, fans will be eagerly watching to see if Ellie and Vito's sizzling chemistry translates into a real-life romance. Stay tuned for more updates as the Strictly journey continues.