Call of Duty Vanguard beta has serious Xbox bug – but there’s a workaround


CALL of Duty: Vanguard is having an open beta this weekend, but Xbox players have been warned about a pretty big bug.

Reports of graphical errors on Xbox Series X are being reported that seem to be mostly kicking in when players are taking damage.

Call of Duty: Vanguard beta

Issues range from flashing bright lights, distorted textures, and heavy static effects.

Initially Sledgehammer thought the problems were down to a specific refresh rate and resolution combo, saying:

“Xbox players: we have determined that most graphical errors are related to playing at 120 Hz on 4k. If you reduce to 60 Hz, you should experience a noticeable difference.”

However, players were still reporting the bugs and now the developer appears to have gotten to the bottom of the mystery.

In a later update, the studio said that it’s determined that the issue is tied to the refresh rate.

“We have confirmed that the Xbox graphical error is solely based on the 120hz setting regardless of resolution,” it said.

It added that this finding matched the feedback received on the initial Twitter thread.

So if you’re playing the Vanguard beta on Xbox, you’ll have to forgo 120Hz if you want a smooth experience.

It may not be a total fix though, as there are still some reports coming in to the contrary.

“That’s not true at all,” said one disgruntled gamer. “My brother and I are both on 4K OLED, and we have turned off the 120hz and are still having some issues. It is NOT a complete fix!”

Of course, the whole point of a beta is that it’s a pre-release build and there will undoubtedly be bugs.

It’s not a demo purporting to give players the full, polished experience of the final product.

There’s still a month and half left before Call of Duty: Vanguard hits retailer shelves so keep reporting any bugs you find on the dedicated feedback page.

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