Diablo 4 devs claim players are doing dungeons wrong


DIABLO 4 fans were left disappointed after the beta weekend, but the developers won’t be changing it.

Last weekend was the early access beta weekend for Diablo 4 for those who had pre-ordered the game.

Diablo is finally back.

Over a million people took part as queues were hours long on the first day of the event.

The development team were fixing bugs throughout the event, but player feedback about the dungeons will apparently go unaddressed.

The main issue that players had was that they felt the dungeons were too repetitive, and contained many of the same elements.

Another issue was that they contained a lot of backtracking, and that the key points were in the same areas.

General manager Rod Ferguson and game director Joe Shely explained their reaction to the feedback in an interview with Eurogamer,

Shely blamed players’ lack of understanding about the game’s mechanics for their frustrations.

He said: “We added the ability to teleport out of dungeons via the UI and some players don’t realise that exists. 

“But certainly there are cases within the dungeon where you’re going to get a key and then you’re going somewhere else.

“It is a goal of ours that you’re not running through an empty dungeon, basically, ever. It can be okay for very short periods of time.”

Fergusson had a different view on the issue. He believes that players will find the dungeons less repetitive the further in they play.

He said: “People are seeing dungeons at the baseline level. And it’s going to feel like a much different experience.

“But when you think about dungeons overall, and there are well over a hundred dungeons in the game.

“In the beta, of course, you’re only seeing the dungeons that exist in the Fractured Peaks [region], which is about twenty percent of the overworld.

“One of the design decisions we made is we wanted the dungeons, an individual dungeon, to have certain properties about it that were consistent and tied to that dungeon and that place in the world. 

“So that when you go into a dungeon, it’s not just drawing out of a raffle all of the elements, there are some things that are consistent.”

It appears that the team is pleased with how they have designed the dungeons.

Rather than altering the design they hope that players will change their opinions as they play.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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