Fortnite stars Ninja and Shroud earn 10MILLION a year, report shows more than Harry Kane and Virgil Van Dijk


FORTNITE’S biggest celebrity makes more cash than most Premier League footballers, according to a new report.

American gaming star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins makes up to 10.3million a year streaming to millions of fans around the world.

That’s a higher salary than both Harry Kane (10.2million) and Virgil van Dijk (9.4million) two of the Prem’s top paid footballers.

It’s also an arm and a leg more than England rugby captain Owen Farrell, one of rugby union’s highest earners, makes in a year (750,000).

The earnings of Fortnite megastars was revealed in a recent Bloombergreport.

Ninja, 28, earns his bumper salary through a lucrative contract with Microsoft-owned streaming site Mixer.

Fortnite star Ninja makes a reported 10.3million a year

The deal, signed in August, saw the Chicago resident make a surprise move from rival streaming service Twitch.

It was worth a reported 30.9million over three to five years, or up to 10.3million a year.

Fellow Fortnite star Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek makes a similar sum with Mixer, according to Bloomberg.

The Canadian had 7million followers on Twitch before he announced his move in October.

Ninja amassed over 14million followers on streaming platform Twitch before he made the switch.

Figures from Capology, a site which estimates the salaries of top sports stars, suggest Ninja and Shroud make more cash than most of the Prem’s top players.

The pair’s annual incomes comfortably beat those of Harry Maguire (9.9million), Alexander Lacazette (9.5million) and Roberto Firmino (9.4million).

However, they’re bested by players like Paul Pogba (15.1million) and Mesut zil (18.2million), as well as the Prem’s alleged top-paid star, David de Gea (19.5million).

England striker Harry Kane is one of the Premier League’s top earners

Virgil van Dijk was voted 2019’s men’s UEFA player of the year

And neither come anywhere near the financial might of football’s highest earner, Lionel Messi, who pulls in around 60million a year.

It’s worth noting that these figures only encompass the base salaries paid to players by their clubs.

Many make a boat-load of extra cash through paid sponsorship deals with sports brands and other big companies.

However, this is also true of Fortnite gamers.

Fellow Fortnite star Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek makes a similar sum with Mixer

Ninja recently signed a multi-year clothing deal with Adidas. He’s due to release his first line of Adidas trainers later this month.

Companies are betting big on competitive gaming also known as “esports” a rapidly growing industry worth billions.

Streaming sites like Twitch and Streamer rake in cash via paid subscriptions and advertising revenue.

Twitch, owned by Amazon, boasts 15million daily users and is worth an estimated 3billion.

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