The Masked singer fans convinced Hedgehog revealed himself as Jason Manford with venue clue


THE Masked Singer fans are convinced Jason Manford is Hedgehog after the celebrity dropped a huge hint about playing different venues.

In tonight’s semi-final of the ITV show, Hedgehog dropped hints about being on tour and working in differently sized venues – just like a comedian would.

Jason is a comedian and west end star as well as a singer

He said: “I do so enjoy the panel’s guesses and I can’t wait to hear who they think I am tonight.”

“It’s difficult to find your way. Speaking of finding my way, my work takes me from venue to venue. One night I can play to an intimate venue and another to thousands of people.”

The clues led fans to become utterly convinced that comedian and singer Jason Manford was the man behind the mask.

One wrote: “Im going to be so cross and relieved when #TheMaskedSingeruk reveals @JasonManford lied about the #hedgehog it cant be anyone else?! #SoooAnnoying”

Fans are convinced Hedgehog is Jason


A second said: “If Hedgehog isnt @JasonManford I swear! Curtains in the background when hes singing, Manchester references, comedian, theatre, HAS TO BE.

Another added: “I can’t believe I’ve got to wait another week before @JasonManford admits he’s the hedgehog… #MaskedSinger #maskedsingeruk”

Meanwhile, Denise Van Outen and CeeLo Green have had their identities revealed in the semi-final.

The pair were unmasked as Fox and Monster respectively in front of the audience on Saturday.

Actress Van Outen said that performing on the show in her outfit had been “bizarre”, but the show is “the most fun I’ve had in ages”.

US singer Green said that appearing on the show was a “really cool and invigorating experience”.