Gamers Outraged as 91-Rated Game Launches Without Key Feature


January is typically a quiet month for gaming enthusiasts, but this year has proven to be an exception. Following an explosive 2023, many believed that 2024 might not offer as many fantastic games. However, they have been proven wrong.

A New Protagonist in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Kiryu returns as one of two protagonists in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the first major release of the year. This game has already wowed fans with its high-quality metroidvania platforming, earning an impressive 87 rating on the review aggregate site Metacritic. However, another game has already surpassed it.

An Impressive 91 Rating

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth has received review scores that currently stand at an incredible 91 rating. While this score may change as more reviews come in, it is still a strong showing for the series.

A Controversial Launch

Despite the game's incredible quality, many people are furious about how it will launch. Like most triple-A games today, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth offers different editions for purchase. While deluxe editions usually include consumable and cosmetic items, Infinite Wealth locks a key feature behind a paywall.

The Standard Edition is priced at £59.99/$69.99, the Deluxe Edition at £74.99/$84.99, and the Ultimate Edition at £94.99/$109.99. However, the New Game+ feature is only accessible to those who purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition.

What is New Game+?

New Game+ is a popular feature in many big games that provides an incentive for players to replay the main story. It allows players to carry over their items, gear, and weapons into a new playthrough of the game. However, this feature is now being restricted to higher-priced editions.

Concerns About the Future

There is a growing worry among gamers that this trend of paywalling features will continue and even expand to other games in the future. If players accept and support this practice, publishers may be encouraged to remove more features from standard editions.

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