Gaming Industry Outrage: Unity Faces Backlash Over Controversial Announcement


Developers and players in the gaming industry are up in arms after a major announcement from Unity, one of the biggest companies in the sector. The announcement has prompted many developers to consider delaying or cancelling future games, as well as pulling their existing games from sale.

The Importance of Game Engines

Game engines are crucial tools that game developers use to create their games. While some companies have their own in-house engines, the majority of games are built on popular engines like Unreal and Unity.

Unity, in particular, is widely used by some of the most popular games in the world, including Among Us, Fall Guys, Pokémon Go, and Genshin Impact.

'Install Fee' Controversy

However, Unity recently announced a new policy where developers would be required to pay a fee of 20 cents (16p) every time someone installs their game. This means that developers would face double charges if a player deletes and reinstalls a game, or if the game is downloaded on two separate devices.

Furthermore, the fee would apply even if the game is installed through subscription services like Game Pass or purchased at a discounted price or in a bundle. As a result, many developers fear that they would lose money if they put their game on sale or made it available through services like Game Pass or PS Plus.

Developer Backlash and Revisions

Unsurprisingly, many developers have voiced their outrage at this announcement. Some have stated that their upcoming games will be delayed as they search for alternative engines. Others have even threatened to remove their Unity games from sale once the new policy is implemented.

Unity has since issued an apology for the announcement and stated that they are revising their plans. However, developers who have had a glimpse of the proposed revisions remain skeptical.

Uncertain Future for Unity Games

The fate of Unity-based games hangs in the balance as the industry awaits further announcements from the company. It remains to be seen whether Unity will reverse its decision or make further adjustments to address the concerns of developers and players.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.