How to catch a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy


THERE are multiples of almost every beast in Hogwarts Legacy, but the most elusive is the Phoenix.

There is only one Phoenix in the whole game, and it can be a tricky one to track down.

The quest that starts it all.

It requires following certain quest lines and searching specific locations.

Here’s how you can catch your own Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: Phoenix Rising quest

The Phoenix can be found by completing the Phoenix Rising quest, which is a beast-related quest given to you by Deek in the Room of Requirement.

In order to get this quest, you will have to complete all the other beast quests first.

The quest will take place in the Phoenix Mountain Cave, to the east of North Poidsear Coast.

Once the quest is active, travel through the cave and take down the poachers and spiders inside.

At the end of the quest, you will find the Phoenix and be given the chance to catch it.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to catch the Phoenix

The Phoenix is one of the easier beasts to catch, the most difficult part is finding it.

Once you have found it, get out your Nabsack, and the Phoenix will jump right in.

It won’t be scared if you hit it withl an offensive spell, so don’t worry about spooking it. 

Hogwarts Legacy: Can you breed Phoenix?

This is the only Phoenix in the whole of Hogwarts Legacy, and as such you are unable to breed it.

Breeding requires both a male and female of the same species, and you cannot breed using a different beast.

Hogwarts Legacy: Are there Phoenix dens?

Most of the beasts you can find in Hogwarts Legacy are hidden in dens around the Scottish Highlands.

The Phoenix is the exception to this, and can only be found as part of the Phoenix Rising quest.

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Written by Dave Aubrey and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.