Ryan Thomas suffers Dancing on Ice fall during disastrous musicals week performance


DANCING On Ice star Ryan Thomas spoke of his ’embarrassment’ after falling over twice in tonight’s show.

The former Coronation Street star was left with a bruised ego after he smashed onto the ice during musicals week.

Ryan Thomas fell over twice this week

He joked that he hoped his children didn’t see

The TV star fell over early into their performance, before taking a second tumble just seconds later.

Speaking to hosts Holly Willoughby and Stephen Mulhern about his performance, he said: “I’ve not hurt myself, I just hope my kids aren’t watching this one because it’s so embarrassing.”

“Can I just say to everyone here, that is the most important thing. Just hearing your voices, thank you so much,” he added.

The couple were given a 5.5 from popular guest judge Johnny Weir, while Oti Mabuse and Christopher Dean and Jayne Torvill offered them a 6.5.

But despite the obvious disappointment for Ryan, Johnny offered up some words of wisdom.

“Never be embarrassed by what you put out here in front of people because it’s performances like this that allow you to have the brilliant performances later on,” he said.

“With that said, of course there were the two falls which is why my score was so low, my apologies, but watching you improve has been a wonderful journey for me watching from afar.”

Oti agreed: “I know you fell and I know you’re going to be really hard on yourself so I just want to say don’t, don’t get in your head about that. I’m going to applaud you for getting up twice and actually performing.”

Viewers took to X, formerly known as Twitter to offer Ryan words of encouragement.

“Poor Ryan, not many would get up and go again after two falls, apart from that really enjoyable performance,” one wrote.

“Aw Ryan. He did so well to carry on though”, said a second.

“Well done again Ryan I’m glad you’re okay after that little stumble and well done to Amani, Andy and Colin too I’ll give you a 6.5 and you still did a great job :)”, another viewer said.

However, some fans felt that the marking this evening was unfair and suggested that Ryan is the judges’ favourite.

They felt that fellow skater Roxy Shahidi was marked too low after she got a score of just 5.

“Sorry but ryan fell twice and got a better score. Talk about favouritism. I enjoyed that dance. Wasn’t really anything wrong with it.

A second added: “I don’t understand the marking on this show. Two of the judges looked as if they just don’t like Roxy, full stop. #DancingOnIce”

They also pointed out that Lou got the same score as Ryan, despite not falling in her performance.

“So Ryan fell over twice and got the same score as Lou who did a clean routine,” one said.

A second added: “So they gave Ryan 6.5 who fell TWICE, but gave Lou the same who didn’t?! Make it make sense.”

“How can Ryan fall TWICE and some of them still give 6.5 like they gave to Lou?”

Ryan, who is paired with pro skater Amani Fancy, hasn’t had the best luck on the show.

Last weekend he performed a raunchy Tango as part of the show’s dance week.

But his confidence was knocked during the Saturday dress rehearsal when he dropped Amani.

The actor said he was riddled with guilt after dropping Amani and was visibly shocked by what had happened.

During preparations for the steamy routine, Ryan became unsteady on his feet and he and Amani crashed to the ice at one of the show’s most crucial points.

Checking in that she was okay, the former Coronation Street actor was visibly shocked at what had happened.

He said to Amani: “I’m so sorry.”

Ryan then went on to tell the camera: “[I feel] pure guilt because it’s all my fault.”

Thankfully, as they took to the ice for their live performance, it appeared to go without a hitch.

Ryan donned a see-though shirt for the skate as he performed a raunchy Tango as part of the show’s dance week.

Despite the rehearsal mishap, the judges were left thoroughly impressed by the pair as they received an overall score of 29.

Ryan’s odds of winning the show have taken a battering, and he’s dropped from being the favourite to joint third alongside Miles Nazaire.

Last week he dropped his partner Amani during dress rehearsals