I’ve played every Final Fantasy game and Rebirth is exactly what fans want


FINAL Fantasy 7 is the most popular game in the long-running series, but the remake was still a big risk.

Rebirth brings new characters and more

The modern take on Final Fantasy 7 was split into three parts, but fans were concerned about paying out full price for just a third of the 1997 original.

Since that decision, only the first part has been released, but after getting our hands on the second part, Rebirth, it seems that Square Enix made the right choice.

Not only because the story was already beefy enough to fill out three full-on games, but because the longer development means that it really has time to shine.

Familiar combat with a twist

The combat is almost identical to the first game in the remake trilogy, and we’re unsure if this is a positive or negative.

While it helps the games feel more cohesive, people usually want something sparkly and new when starting fresh.

For this we have synergy attacks, which is a new form of special attack similar to Limit Breaks from the original, only two characters will perform them at once.

We saw this with Yuffie’s DLC for the first part of the remake, but it is fully fleshed out here.

New playable characters and expanded areas

There are new playable characters, even when compared to the original PlayStation game.

You can play as Sephiroth during the flashback Cloud has in Nibelheim. We don’t know if there will be more playable characters like this but we have our fingers crossed.

Rebirth starts with the gang leaving Midgar for the first time, and the explorable area expands dramatically just like the original.

You have a lot of motivation to explore the area, including collectibles, points of interest, and new encounters.

Each of the encounters make you feel as if you should change up your party structure, and prevents battling from becoming boring.

A sequel that delivers what fans want

At the heart of it Rebirth contains everything you loved about Remake, from the visual style to the Active-Time Battle system.

While you usually want a lot more from a sequel, the way the trilogy is structured means that most players just wanted more of the game they loved.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will launch in early 2024, and will contain two discs, meaning it will definitely be giving fans more.

We’re hoping for some big story changes just like the first Remake, but we’ll have to wait until next year to see.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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