Nintendo Switch owners disappointed as Mario bonus game price drops even lower after Black Friday


Mario fans are feeling let down after a game deal they bought during Black Friday dropped even further in price.

Deal of the Day

Argos has reduced the price of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass Set Digital Download to just £14.99.

The booster pack includes 48 remastered race courses and additional characters, making it a must-have for Mario Kart enthusiasts.

Missed out on Black Friday

Some shoppers are regretting their decision to buy the game during Black Friday, as they could have saved an extra £5 by waiting.

One player expressed their disappointment, saying, "Went for the Symths £19.99 deal a few days ago as thought it wouldn't go lower."

Christmas Surprise

The Booster Course Pass is a great option for a Christmas gift, especially with its special Christmas circuit, Merry Mountain. The festive decorations add to the holiday spirit.

Remember to always research prices before making a purchase, as they may change.

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