Pokémon Fans Furious as Top Tier ‘Mon is Banned for Controversial Reason – Players Fight Back Against Decision


Pokémon fans are expressing their anger and frustration following the recent Sacramento Regional Championship. Despite the tournament's conclusion, players are not happy with the outcome. One particular Pokémon that had an impressive performance in the competition was unexpectedly banned on the second day of the event, sparking controversy among the community.

Record Number of Disqualifications in Pokémon World Championships

This year's Pokémon World Championships saw a significant increase in disqualifications due to stricter hacking checks. However, the banned Pokémon in question was legitimately obtained in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, leaving players puzzled about the reasons behind the decision.

Top Player Reaches Top Eight Despite Pokémon Disqualification

Brian Collins managed to make it to the top eight players in the tournament, despite one of his Pokémon being disqualified. Curiously, viewers watching the livestream noticed that Collins only had five Pokémon on his team, while all participants were required to bring six to the tournament.

The missing Pokémon was later explained as a "Team sheet error," indicating that what Collins had written on the form did not match the Pokémon he had brought. However, according to Collins and other players' social media posts, the only disqualifiable element was the Pokémon's nickname.

Controversy Surrounding Pokémon Nicknames

Collins had a Gallade nicknamed "Ceruledge," which violated the official rules as it shares the name of another Pokémon. The specific rule states that "a player's team cannot contain a Pokémon nicknamed with the name of another Pokémon (for example, a Raichu named 'Pikachu')." In the past, this rule was essential as players were unaware of the Pokémon on their opponents' teams, which could put them at a disadvantage. However, with the current "open team sheet" format, teams are aware of almost every aspect of their opponents' lineups.

Divided Fan Reactions

Fans have expressed mixed reactions to the decision, with some arguing that the rule is clearly stated and must be followed, while others believe it is outdated and no longer relevant. Despite the clear disadvantage, Collins managed to finish the tournament in seventh place.

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