Pokémon’s Unexpected Response to Fans and Controversial Game


Copycats and Controversy

POKÉMON, the world's biggest franchise, has built a reputation for taking down projects that use its designs without permission. However, fans are surprised by the company's lack of action towards a new game that bears striking similarities to Pokémon.

The Rise of Palworld

Palworld, a recently launched game featuring creatures resembling Pokémon, quickly gained popularity and became the second most popular game on Steam of all time.

Speculation and Accusations

As Palworld gained attention, some accused the game of using AI to create the similar designs and even claimed that models were stolen from the latest Pokémon game, Scarlet and Violet. However, these claims remain unproven and are mostly fueled by speculation.

Surprising Silence from Pokémon

Despite expectations of legal action from Pokémon against Palworld, the company has remained silent. This is in contrast to their swift removal of a fan-made Pokémon mod of Palworld within 24 hours of its release, demonstrating their ability to act quickly in legitimate copyright cases.

Pokémon's Responds, but Not as Expected

Pokémon has finally responded to the controversy surrounding Palworld, but it may not be the response fans were hoping for. In their statement, Pokémon acknowledges the inquiries about the game, clarifies that no permission was granted for the use of Pokémon intellectual property or assets, and expresses their intention to investigate and address any infringement on their rights. They also emphasize their commitment to nurturing the Pokémon world and bringing people together through Pokémon in the future.

No Need to Report Similarities

Through their statement, Pokémon reassures fans that they are aware of Palworld and that there is no need to report similarities to them. While the designs may be strikingly similar, copyright law permits such similarity.

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