PS5 restock LIVE – Huge UK stock update with Smyths ‘dropping TOMORROW’ and Playstations at Very and Game next week


THERE have been some major UK PS5 stock rumours – with fans excited at the prospect of FINALLY getting their hands of a console.

Stock trackers across the country are united in their view that Smyths will be releasing a batch on Playstations either tomorrow or Friday in what amounts to gamers’ next hope of bagging a consoles.

After that the rumours are all about Very and GAME, both of whom are tipped for a restock next week – although, as always, nothing is guaranteed.

The restock news comes as Curry’s made a dramatic change to way customers can buy PS5s, introducing a new “raffle” system.

The tech retailer is planning to scrap the queue system it and many other websites have previously used as it “unfairly” rewards those with stronger interview connections and with time to sit online.

Now Curry’s is allowing customers to register for a “priority pass” which enters them into a raffle which in turn gives them a special code that’s valid for 72 hours and allows them to make a PS5 purchase.

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