PS5 Slim: The Hidden Catch of the Detachable Disc Drive


PS5 Slim Unveiled: A Smaller and Lighter Model

PlayStation recently made waves with the announcement of the PS5 Slim, a new and more compact version of the popular console. Fans are excited about the sleek design and improved portability.

The Choice Between Disc Drive and Digital-Only Model

One of the main advantages of the new PS5 Slim models is the option to choose between a console with a disc drive or a cheaper digital-only model. This gives consumers more flexibility in selecting the version that suits their needs and budget.

The Additional Disc Drive: A Surprising Drawback

However, fans have discovered a hidden drawback with the additional disc drive. While it allows for upgrading the digital-only model, it comes at an extra cost of £100 ($80). This means that the digital console with the disc drive upgrade ends up being more expensive than the version that already includes a disc drive.

A Concerning Message on the Box

But that's not all. Sharp-eyed fans have noticed a concerning message on the back of the box of special editions of the PS5 Slim. In the fine print, it states: "Internet connection required to pair Disc Drive and PS5 console upon set up."

The Internet Connection Requirement: A Theory

While the reason for this internet connection requirement is still unclear, there is a popular theory among fans. It is speculated that the connection is necessary to check for drivers and ensure the legitimacy of the disc drive. This would prevent third parties from creating cheaper, unofficial PS5 compatible disc drives.

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Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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