Richard Ayoade makes surprise appearance in an upcoming game – and it’s one fans have been waiting for


FIRST announced in July 2020, Xbox fans have been waiting a long time to see more of an upcoming game.

The trailer was shown during Xbox Games Showcase, and was the game the show opens with.

Richard Ayoade plays a major role in the trailer.

We first heard the voice of Richard Ayoade introducing the trailer as what seems like the mild-mannered gardener Dave.

Then he introduces us to the hero of Fable and we get our first look at gameplay.

Fable is known to have British comedians playing voice roles in the series.

Stephen Fry, Jason Manford, and John Cleese have all played roles, though this is the first time that it is both the comedian’s voice and likeness.

As gamers haven’t seen any footage of Fable since its 2020 announcement many believed the game to be cancelled.

We have been consistently reassured that the game was still in development, but people were still sceptical.

However, fans were pleased with what was shown in the Xbox Games Showcase, and are happy to see the series return.

Ayoade is featured in what looks like a boss fight, where the comedian is a giant compared to the tiny protagonist.

We see them jumping across tables trying to escape Ayoade’s giant fists pounding down.

The trailer ends with the hero sitting on top of a giant pair of broken glasses supposed to be Ayoade’s.

Ayoade adds his usual dry humour to the role, and we hope to see more when Fable finally releases.

No date was given yet, but it’s safe to say that development is fully underway.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.