The internet is angry at Logan Paul again — over a homemade GameBoy table


LOGAN Paul has a less than stellar reputation on the internet, but for once he’s getting flack for something entirely innocuous.

The YouTuber uploaded a video to his social media accounts sharing a project for a gaming-themed table.

“First epoxy resin project,” Logan Paul tweeted. “GameBoy Colors & a metal Pokémon frame made for a nice little tabletop.”

The video shows off the various stages of Paul’s crafting, ending with him holding up the finished product.

For an added flair, the tabletop lights up — which he demoed in a subsequent tweet.

You wouldn’t think that a craft project involving 20-year old handheld consoles would cause much of a furore, but unbelievably, it has.

Bear in mind that Paul has been involved in some pretty heinous controversies in his past.

How this is registering as something to be up in arms over is mystifying, but the internet is fuming.

“Just one of these most working class people have to work months to a year to afford.

“Here’s some rich guy who bought 15 of them just to destroy them all for a table,” said one Twitter user in a thread of similar tweets.

“You could’ve only used all-custom shells & button replacements without any electronics in them and done that…

“But destroying the hardware is just wrong on SO many freaking levels,” said another.

The comments are an odd mixture of people lamenting the loss of a mass-produced handheld that’s reasonably affordable on eBay.

It’s not as if Logan has stolen them from the clutches of a young chil- oh, wait.

“A kid could’ve enjoyed his first game without a phone. A guy could’ve bought and played on it because of nostalgia.

“Someone could’ve been happy And you put their happiness in an epoxy resin and waste it. Shame.”

Let’s hope the thread is full of people attempting humour and failing to pull it off.

The alternative is too cringe-inducing to bear.

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