Valentine’s Day brings the Luvdisc to Pokémon Go


CRACKLING Voltage is finishing, but don’t worry, a new event is coming this week in Pokémon Go.

Love is in the air as the Valentine’s Day event takes over.

Valentine’s Day is the highlight of the week.

Pink Pokémon and shiny Pokémon will appear more commonly which is a big boon for players.

Here’s everything that’s happening in Pokémon Go from January 6 to February 12, 2023.

Pidgey takes the spotlight

This week’s Spotlight Hour will take place on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, from 6pm local time.

Probably the least exciting Spotlight Hour to take place, Pidgey will be found more commonly during this hour.

It does have an increased shiny chance, so you might want to try to grab one at this time.

You’ll also earn double candy for any Pokémon you evolve during this hour. This means that Pidgey isn’t the only Pokémon that will give improved rewards.

Tapu Lele takes over the raids

Raid Hour will take place on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, from 6pm local time.

The second Tapu to feature in five-star raids, Tapu Lele will take over from Registeel, following Tapu Koko from the week before.

During Raid Hour, Tapu Lele will be available in every gym, making it a good time to grab one.

It is also the first time that it will be available in its shiny form, so if you want it, Raid Hour is your best chance.

Valentine’s Day comes to Pokémon Go

The Valentine’s Day event will start on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, from 10am local time until the end of the week.

For the Valentine’s Day event, Mega Gardevoir will make its debut in Pokémon Go appearing in mega raids.

Kirlia that are evolved into Gardevoir or Gallade during the event will have the special charged move, Synchronoise.

New research tasks will also be available and pink Pokémon will appear more often in the wild.

This is also a chance to change your Furfrou’s form to Heart Trim, and shiny Frillish will make its debut.

Love Cup takes over the Go Battle League

The Go Battle League will change on Thursday, February 9, 2023, at 9pm UK time.

The Ultra Premier League will disappear, and the Love Cup will take its place in the Go Battle League.

Love Cup has a maximum CP limit of 1.5K and only pink and red Pokémon are allowed to enter.

The list is fairly long, but does not include any of the legendary Pokémon.

Luvdisc gets special research

Luvdisc’s special event will start on Saturday, February 11, 2023, from 2pm to 5pm local time.

Limited Research will be available for Luvdisc during this time, and Luvdisc will appear more commonly.

Its shiny rate will be increased, and other pink Pokémon will also appear more frequently.

This includes Pokémon like Lickitung, Slowpoke, Miltank, Spritzee and Feebas.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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