Vinnie Jones Talks Tanks and Gaming


Football Icon and Gamer

Vinnie Jones, the English football legend known for his tough playing style, is also an avid gamer. In addition to his successful career on the field, Jones has now ventured into the world of gaming, causing chaos in the massively multiplayer online game World of Tanks.

Win Unique Vinnie Jones-Themed Collectibles

From December 1 to December 20, players of World of Tanks can participate in a special quest within the Holiday Ops activities to win exclusive Vinnie Jones-themed collectibles. These include a floating baseball bat attachment, two camouflage tank skins, and a set of Vinnie Jones emotes that are sure to intimidate your enemies.

Tanks Are Cool

When asked about his experience with World of Tanks, Jones expressed his enthusiasm for the game, stating, "Tanks are cool, simple as that. There's so much to do in the game that I probably would never get bored with it."

Driving a Real-Life Tank

Jones revealed that he recently had the opportunity to drive an actual tank. He described it as a cool experience, saying, "It was my first time on a film set with an actual tank, and working with such a massive, noisy machine was a cool experience. In the trailer, my first move as the tank commander was smashing a big present box."

From Football to Hollywood

Switching gears, Jones was asked if he would consider reprising his role as the Juggernaut from the movie X-Men: The Last Stand. He responded positively, saying, "Yes absolutely. It was a fantastic experience – powerful character, loads of action. Why not?" Jones also discussed the changing landscape of the movie industry, emphasizing the increased accessibility for independent filmmakers.

Working with Brad Pitt

When asked about his dream actor to work with, Jones mentioned his admiration for Brad Pitt. He expressed his desire to share a stage with Pitt again, praising his roles and acting.

To join Vinnie Jones in World of Tanks and win exclusive collectibles, download World of Tanks Blitz on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store for Android devices today.