When is the next Fortnite update? What to expect in version 29.30


Fortnite's Myths & Mortals Season

Players are currently immersed in Fortnite's Myths & Mortals season, centered around Greek gods and heroes. Element-bending and characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender have added to the mythological theme.

Fortnite Festival and New Features

The upcoming update, version 29.30, may introduce the Fortnite Festival, a music-driven rhythm game akin to Guitar Hero. Previous acts included The Weeknd and Lady Gaga, leaving fans eager for the next artist reveal.

Weapons and Release Date

Rumors suggest the return of the Tactical Assault Rifle, known for its effectiveness in close-quarters combat. The update could potentially drop on consoles as early as April 23. Stay tuned for more details!

For all the latest Fortnite news and updates, keep an eye out for the next update and what it will bring to the popular game.

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