WWE fans are getting another free fighter – find out which champ is entering the ring


WWE 2K23 will have a new champion wrestler added to the roster for all players.

Despite being out for a month, fighters continue to be added to expand the game’s playability.

Mia will be available for everyone to try out.

There were a number of big-name wrestlers surprisingly absent from the roster.

Many will be coming at a later date, with five new wrestlers joining every month until August.

As the title suggests, the WWE 2K games only feature wrestlers who are part of the WWE.

It takes a number of months in order to create an in-game model for someone, as they capture data to give the game a realistic feel.

This means that new or returning wrestlers who joined WWE near the end of 2022 didn’t make the cut.

One of these is Mia Yim, who transferred to Impact Wrestling in 2022, but returned to WWE before the end of the year.

Yim will be available as a fully playable character in the next patch, which is “coming soon”.

A tweet from the official WWE 2K23 account reads: “The Mia Yim will be a fully playable Superstar after the next patch update for WWE 2K23, coming soon!”

Gameplay Producer Bryan Williams revealed that 2K plans to patch in new fighters from time to time.

This will supplement the paid DLC that comes out every month, and these patched characters are available for all players.

Despite the recent release of WWE 2K23, it is available at a discount on a number of platforms.

Most recently, PlayStation announced its Big Games Big Deals sale, which features WWE 2K23’s Deluxe Edition.

This pack contains all the fighters that will come out in DLC and is available for £67.49 from £89.99 at 25% off.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.