Xbox announces its Series 2 Elite controller with astronomical price tag — this tip will help


XBOX has released the design of Series 2 of its Elite controller, with two versions will be available for Xbox Series X/S users.

Elite controllers have always been a pricey accessory, one of the most expensive extras made for the console.

The standard version is on the left, and the core version on the right.

The standard Elite controller comes in at £159.99 ($179.99), just £90 ($100) cheaper than the Series S console.

However, Xbox recently announced a new Xbox Elite Core controller which comes with a much smaller price tag.

Recognisable by its white design — over the standard black — the Elite Core controller comes with the same upgrades as its standard counterpart.

This includes adjustable-tension thumbsticks, short hair trigger locks, re-engineered components, and wrap-around rubberised grip.

Despite this, there is a hefty price difference, with the Core controller costing just £114.99 ($129.99).

The difference in price comes from the number of accessories you get in addition to the controller.

Both versions come with a thumbstick adjustment tool and a USB-C charging cable.

However, the standard version also comes complete with a charging dock, a carrying case, a set of thumbsticks, paddles and a d-pad that you can swap out with the existing inputs.

If you think you can do without all the added extras, then the Core controller is a good choice for price conscious fans.

Xbox announced that it won’t be raising the price of its consoles despite global high inflation rates.

However, its fans will still pay more than PlayStation players in energy costs. 

The PlayStation 5 costs roughly £4 a year in energy costs when left in Standby Mode, compared to the Series X, which can cost up to £132.

This is because of the Xbox’s Instant On feature which saves your game progress, even when the console is shut down.

Players can halve these costs by switching their console to Energy Saver mode

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.