Your Xbox is in the WRONG position – four ‘golden rules’ to prevent your console from abruptly shutting down


IT’S important to put your Xbox in the right place otherwise your console may abruptly shutdown.

This can happen because your machine is overheating and doesn’t have enough airspace to breathe.

And in worst case scenarios, it could mean losing your progress in a game.

Fortunately, Microsoft has revealed four golden rules to prevent such a thing from happening.

These will help current-gen consoles like Xbox Series X but also previous-gen, Xbox One.

Stable surface

Your Xbox needs to be on a stable surface to perform properly.

So somewhere like the floor on a stack of books won’t cut it.

Avoid speakers

Speakers or subwoofers can create a lot of vibrations.

The rumbling from it can cause issues for your Xbox, so don’t put your console on top of them.

Keep it cool

There’s a lot working around in your Xbox which generates quite a bit of heat.

The console needs to stay cool to do its job properly, therefore it needs to stay away from direct heat sources such as other electronics, radiators and the sun.

Give it space

Your console needs space to let out all that hot air.

It can’t do that if there are objects cluttered around it blocking the vents.

The Xbox Series X was released in 2020
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