‘Disgusting and Nasty’: I’m A Celeb Fans Outraged Over Campmate’s Gross Issue in Coming Out Show


Last night, viewers of I’m A Celebrity got their last taste of the jungle as they watched the celebrities transition back to normal life. However, fans were left appalled after witnessing Frankie Dettori jump onto his hotel bed without changing out of his dirty clothes or taking a shower first.

Fans Take to Social Media to Express Their Disgust

During the special episode, fans flocked to social media to express their outrage. One fan tweeted, “I’ll never understand how the campmates jump straight on to the bed without having a wash/shower! Dirty buggers!” Another added, “You’d think they’d all shower and change before eating or sitting on a bed.” Many viewers couldn’t comprehend why the celebrities would jump onto a fresh bed in their smelly jungle clothes.

Nigel Farage’s Meal Choice Leaves Viewers Sickened

In addition to the bed incident, viewers were left feeling queasy after witnessing Nigel Farage’s first meal out of the jungle. After weeks of rice and beans, the former UKIP leader chose sardines and a Toblerone. Fans were shocked at his choice and described feeling “sick to their stomach.”

Overall, it seems that some I’m A Celeb fans were not impressed with the behavior of certain campmates during the Coming Out show. It’s safe to say that cleanliness and meal choices were the hot topics of discussion on social media.