‘Disgusting, Traumatising Moment’: I’m A Celeb Fans Call Ofcom Over Nigel Farage’s Bum


Viewers of I’m A Celebrity are reportedly flooding Ofcom with complaints after a shocking moment on the show. Former politician Nigel Farage’s bare bottom was on full display during a shower scene, causing some fans to describe it as “disgusting” and “traumatising”.

Caught on Camera

The incident occurred when Nigel Farage went for a wash and was spotted by his startled campmate Josie Gibson. She reacted with disbelief, exclaiming “Frickin’ hell!”.

Outraged Viewers

Outraged viewers took to social media to express their disgust and vowed to contact Ofcom. One viewer even joked about invoicing their therapy bill. The incident has sparked a debate about the need for trigger warnings on TV.

I’m A Celebrity Host’s Response

I’m A Celebrity host Dec Donnelly made light of the situation, jokingly remarking, “Good job he didn’t turn around, we might have seen the honourable member!”

This incident has certainly caused a stir and it remains to be seen how Ofcom will respond to the flood of complaints.

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