Josie Gibson Receives Heartwarming Welcome from Son After Leaving Jungle Camp

JOSIE Gibson was given a hero’s welcome from her young son Reggie after coming fourth in the show., The This Morning star spent yesterday [SUNDAY] making up for lost time with Reggie, five, who was waiting for his mum in the jungle when she left., Josie, 38, returned to the celebrity’s 5* hotel and hugged her co-stars including EastEnders’ Danielle Harold and jockey Frankie Dettori., Reggie was then seen running towards Josie from the car and grabbing her leg to give her a cuddle.

Reunited with Reggie

After coming fourth in the show, This Morning star Josie Gibson was greeted with open arms by her young son Reggie. The 38-year-old spent the day catching up with her son, who eagerly awaited her return from the jungle camp.

Warm Embrace from Co-Stars

Upon returning to the celebs’ luxurious five-star hotel, Josie was met with warm hugs from her fellow campmates, including ex-EastEnder Danielle Harold and jockey Frankie Dettori. The joyful reunion brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Heartwarming Cuddle

As Josie stepped out of the car, Reggie excitedly ran towards her and clung onto her leg for a heartfelt embrace. The pure joy and love between mother and son were evident in this touching moment.

Delighted to See Her Little Boy

Josie couldn’t contain her excitement after being told she was leaving the camp. She exclaimed, “I get to see my little boy!” The reunion was a long-awaited and cherished moment for both of them.

Fondness for Fellow Campmates

Josie showed her support for Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew, backing them as her top picks to win the series. She expressed her fondness for both of them, highlighting the strong bonds formed during their time in the camp.

Sam Thompson Crowned King of the Jungle

In a surprising turn of events, Sam Thompson emerged as the ultimate champion, being crowned King of the Jungle this year. His victory brought immense joy and pride to both Josie and their campmates.

Nigel Farage‘s Unexpected Exit

In a shocking twist, controversial politician Nigel Farage was voted out of the camp, securing third place. The unexpected turn of events surprised both the campmates and viewers alike.