Love Island’s Mitch Sparks Debate Over ‘Weird’ TikTok with Mum


Love Island star Mitchell Taylor has stirred up controversy after sharing a video on TikTok where he kisses his mum on the lips. The 27-year-old surprised his mum with a bottle of champagne, capturing the heartwarming moment on camera.

Support and Criticism

The video received mixed reactions, with most people being touched by Mitchell's kind gesture. However, some viewers found their embrace unsettling and expressed their disapproval. One person commented, "Kissing your mum on the lips in your mid-20s is weird." Another viewer questioned whether such displays of affection are common in the UK, as it is not considered normal in the US.

Breakup Announcement

The TikTok video was posted only hours before Mitchell announced his split from Ella Barnes. In a heartfelt post, he explained that the couple had struggled to maintain their relationship due to their busy lives and living far apart. Despite the breakup, Mitchell wished Ella the best and described her as a "lovely girl who deserves the world."

A Rocky Journey

Mitchell and Ella's time on Love Island was not without challenges. They were eliminated just before the final after being voted least compatible by the other contestants. Their relationship had faced ups and downs, with Mitchell initially breaking things off with Abi Moores to pursue a romance with Ella. Throughout their journey, the couple also faced accusations that their relationship was fake.

Mitchell and Ella have now decided to end their relationship.