11 best Christmas toys under £30, including Star Wars Baby Yoda doll and Uno game


IF you’re looking for inspiration on what to give the little ones this Christmas, we round up 11 toys under £30.

Perfect for those on a budget, the list includes items such as a Star Wars Baby Yoda plush toy and an Uno game for the whole family.

We round of top toys under £30 for Christmas 2020

Based on top toys list by Amazon, Hamleys, Dream Toys, John Lewis and This Morning, you’re bound to find something suitable for your children.

The prices start from just £5.60, which could come in handy if you’re cash-strapped.

Before splashing your cash on these toys, remember to check sites such as Price Spy and Idealo to find out if you can buy items cheaper at another store.

Free online price trackers like Price History and CamelCamelCamel will also give you an idea of whether you can save cash by buying it later in the year.

Also make sure you factor in any delivery fees in the total cost.

Here are our top Christmas toys below £30 for 2020.

Uno Flip and Uno Showdown – from £5.60 – buy now

Unite the family this Christmas with the ultimate Uno Showdown set

Classic family game, Uno, comes with a twist.

Uno Flip comes with double-sided cards and you can play the “light” side as normal, or the “dark” side which comes with tougher penalties – and there’s a flip card which can force a player to change sides.

Uno Showdown adds an extra element of surprise with players having to race to hit the paddle when a signal goes off – cards go flying at the slowest.

It featured on Hamleys’ list, where it sets you back £9, but we found it cheaper at The Entertainer for £5.60 and Smyths for £6.99.

Uno Showdown, which was also named one of Amazon’s top Christmas toys, is £20.

The cheapest we found was Smyths for £15.99 and The Entertainer for £16, but the delivery cost is £2.99 or £3.99 for an order of this size.

5 Surprise Mini Brands Mystery Capsule – £6.99 – buy now

Let the kids collect mini products of their favourite brands and shopping accessories

Featuring on Dream Toys top list, the pack comes with five different mini products from your favourite brands and various shopping accessories.

Collect all six miniature shopping accessories including baskets, carts, shelves, cash registers and paper bags, and the kids can create their own miniature shopping world.

Smyths Toys is selling the the toys for £6.99, or you can pick up a two-pack for £12 at Argos.

Playdoh playsets – from £8 – buy now

Playdoh’s “pasta” making set has previously been sold at Asda – although it’s currently out of stock

Kids can make their own pasta inspired playdoh dishes with this playset, which featured on Hamleys’ top list.

There’s also a less appetising snotty scotty where kids can make snot come out of the toy’s head.

The toys are currently not listed on Hamleys’ website, so you may have to shop somewhere else to get your hands on them.

We found the £11 Snotty Scotty on sale at toystreet.co.uk for £8.49 and the £17 Noodle Party set on sale at Asda for £16.97, although this is currently out of stock.

Hamley’s mini movers – £9.60 – buy now

You can buy Peanut the pug from Hamleys

Hamley’s own cute cuddly toys make the toy retailer’s list and you can choose from Louis the labrador, Harry the husky, Charlie the King Charles or Peanut the pug puppy.

The £9.60 cuddly toy is available only from Hamleys.

eeBoo I Heard Your Feelings Conversation Cards – £11.99 – buy now

The 48 cards with various everyday scenarios encourage kids to talk about how they’re feeling

Featuring on John Lewis’ top toys list, the 48 cards with various everyday scenarios encourage kids to talk about how they’re feeling.

Questions on the back of each card invite parents and children to discuss what is happening and how the characters feel in each scene.

The cards are available at John Lewis for £11.99, or you can get them for the same price tag on eBay, excluding a £3.10 delivery fee.

Greedy Monkey – £12 – buy now

The Greedy Monkey game can be played by kids aged five and over

The only new board game to make Hamleys’ list, Greedy Monkey is a dice game which can be played by kids aged five and over.

This one is only available to buy from Hamleys and costs £12.

VTech Feathers & Feelings Peacock – £14.50 – buy now

This colourful toy is suitable for kids above two years old

Shiny and bright, this peacock toy encourages children to express their emotions.

It features eight light-up shape buttons and eight emotion pegs that give different reactions when the pegs are on or off the tail, as well as a peacock button.

Argos has currently reduced it to £14.50, down from £22, while Smyths Toys is selling it for £15.99.

In comparison, John Lewis charges £22 for the same toy.

Screwball Scramble Level 2 – £19.99 – buy now

This game featured on This Morning’s list of top toys for Christmas

Listed among This Morning’s top toys, the sequel to the classic game of Screwball Scramble tests coordination and skill.

Simply control the action with the buttons, twisting and turning the obstacles different ways to guide the screwball through each one.

The toy is available at John Lewis and Smyths Toys for £19.99.

Cluedo Liars – £22 – buy now

The liars edition of Cluedo has a new true or false element

Hamleys has listed another familiar board game but this comes with a twist too with the addition of true cards and lie cards.

Players read out these cards while the others have to guess if its true or not as they try and solve the mystery.

All the retailers we looked at have the same price of £22.

Monopoly for sore losers – £17.99 – buy now

Monopoly is for losers with its latest edition

Who doesn’t love a game of Monopoly? And this year it comes with a twist.

No longer will the winner be able to gloat for passing Go on their way to first place.

Instead, players earn cash for the things which normally hold back losers of the game, like going to jail and paying rent.

Amazon and Smyths Toys are selling the game for £17.99 while Argos charges £18.

Star Wars The Mandalorian – The Child “Baby Yoda” – £24.99

The Star Wars toy featured on the Dream Toys top list for Christmas 2020

Last but not least, this plush Star Wars toy looks like Baby Yoda, but is actually called The Child.

It’s inspired by the Disney+ series Star Wars: The Mandalorian and measures 28cm tall.

Smyths Toys is selling the toy for £24.99, or you can snap it up at Argos for 1p more at £25.

The Entertainer has launched a pre-Black Friday toy sale with up to 85% off.

Smyths Toys recently also launched a huge half price sale with discounts on brands like Barbie and Lego.

Argos revealed its top 12 toys for Christmas 2020 in August – but the cheapest is still £33.