Aldi Introduces Larger Packet of Roar Chocolate Bars for Only £1.05

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Aldi shoppers are in for a treat as the German supermarket giant now offers a larger packet of Roar chocolate bars. The new 13-pack of mini Roar bars is available for the affordable price of £1.05, making each bar just 18p. This exciting addition has left customers delighted with the new option.

Roar Bars: The Perfect Dupe for Lion Bars

Roar bars are known to be a great alternative to Lion bars and can often be found in Celebration packs. Some customers have even compared Roar bars to Picnic bars. Lion bars are a popular choice among Brits and were ranked as the 15th best chocolate bar by HOAR. With the introduction of the Roar dupe, it's safe to say that it will also be widely loved.

Aldi Shoppers Express Their Excitement

Aldi shopper Samantha Brown, a self-proclaimed chocolate lover, took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook to express her joy about the return of Roar bars. She praised Aldi for regularly introducing new and delicious foods, snacks, and treats. Many others also shared their excitement about the availability of Roar bars and expressed their eagerness to try them.

Roar Bars: A Blast from the Past

The Lion Bar, which Roar bars are modeled after, was created by confectioner Alan Norman in the 1970s. It was known as the Big Cat in some areas until the 1990s. Over the years, special editions of Lion bars, such as the White Lion and Peanut Butter Lion, have been launched. However, Nestle recently made the decision to discontinue Breakaway and Yorkie biscuit bars due to a decline in sales, disappointing fans with a sweet tooth. Caramac bars were also removed from shelves in November, despite being produced since the 1950s. Additionally, Cadbury confirmed that the Spira chocolate bar will not be making a comeback.

With the rise of Roar bars, Aldi continues to provide customers with a plethora of exciting and affordable options in the realm of chocolate bars.

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