ASDA Shoppers Go Crazy for 50% Off Snowy Christmas Tree


Deal Sparks Frenzy

ASDA shoppers are in a rush to snatch up a "beautiful" 6ft snow-dusted Christmas tree that has been slashed in price by a whopping 50 percent. Fans of the festive fir have been going wild for the heavily discounted tree, with some customers even purchasing it as a second tree this year because they just couldn't resist.

Steal of a Deal

A savvy shopper caused a frenzy when she shared the incredible deal on social media, just two weeks before Christmas. After posting about the discounted tree on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, many people expressed their desire to get their hands on the 6ft Snowy Tree.

Customers Rave About the Tree

The discounted tree has received rave reviews from those who have already purchased it. One satisfied customer mentioned that they have had the tree for four years and it still looks lovely. Another customer agreed, saying they have had their tree for four or five years and love it. A third buyer added that the tree is beautiful.

Excitement Builds

Many shoppers expressed their eagerness to rush down to their local Asda and grab one of the snow-covered pine trees. Some commented that they will be making a trip to Asda, while others simply said "wow" in response to the deal. Several customers also mentioned that the discounted tree is cheaper than a similar one sold at Tesco.

Other Budget Finds

In addition to the discounted Christmas tree, other budget finds for the holiday season have caught shoppers' attention. Home Bargains has slashed prices on the Hey Duggee toy range, offering a £5 toy that is normally sold for £30. And for those looking to save even more money, the best shopping days leading up to Christmas have been revealed.

Parents have also been excited about Aldi's new wooden toy collection and have already started stocking up for Christmas. However, shoppers will have to act fast as the discount supermarket regularly sells out of these budget items by 8am.